27 lip 2013


Circus and phisical theater show 
 life music / TV installation / video / recycling 
in Kejos The-at-er circus tent

Garbage show was created during artistic residency in Srebrna Góra – Stoszowice 
1.7-9.7 2013

...work in progress...

Some people say recycling is ok. Some say is not ok. And I say fine, ok, ok to recycling today. I also say art of trash is important in the world of unspeakable creation of the nation of the reorganization of the world as we seek to find. Amin

Cast: Antek Ambroziewicz (bike acrobatics) http://www.antekandco.co.uk, Katarzyna Donner (aerials), Marta Kuczyńska (juggling), Sara Skrajna (contortion, aerials)
Music: Piotr Łyszkiewicz (saksofon), Wojtek Bergander (contra-base)
Video, TV instalation: Agnespies
Scenario: Marta Kuczyńska
Direction: Marta Kuczyńska, Hubert Zieliński
Lights: Grzegorz Podbiegłowski
Costumes: Patrycja Białoszewska
Scenography: Bartłomiej Wielgosz, Patrycja Białoszewska, Marta Kuczyńska, Agnespies
Production: ARTA.Ku – productions, Kejos The-at-er www.kejos.org
Technician: Tomasz Sosulski 

9 lipiec 2013 Srebrna Góra - Namiot cyrkowy
12,13,14 lipiec 2013 Gdańsk - Festiwal FETA

6 kwi 2013


Juggling theatre show, 
inspired byideas of Pythagoras
with life music, light, video and geometry 

...work in progress...


Pythagoras ancient mathematician and philosopher, believed that the universe is made out of numbers. Each number corresponds to a certain value: 1 is the point 2 - line 3 - figure, 4 - figure in the space, 5 - color, 6 - life, 7 - love, 8 - spirit, 9 - mind, 10 is the cosmos.

From numbers emerge points, from points - lines, from lines - solids, from solids emerge bodies, understandable by senses, which elements are fire, water, earth and air. These elements exchange and pass on each other, producing alive world - wise and spherical. 
Movement of bodies in universe is circular. The sphere is the most perfect body and circle is the most perfect curve. 

Live music on electronic instruments, refers to the ideas of Pythagoras, according to which the planets while moving are creating sounds: far planets give the higher tones, closer planets - lower tones and the ratio of their distances to sound spreading creates harmony.

Acting, directing: Marta Kuczyńska, 
Video: Agnieszka Piesiewicz, 
Light: Zuzana Rezna, 
Music: Tomaš Vtípil, 
Costume: Jana Tkacová, 
Artistic help: Pierre Nadaud 

13.03 2013 Studio Marta – Brno, CZ 
14.03, 15.03, 26.03, 21.5  2013 Studio Marta – Brno, CZ,  
14.06 2013 Buran Theatre, Sokol Festival of art and sport - Brno, CZ

7 paź 2012


physical theater performance
directed by Karine Ponties

In the den, those who remain... The one who went out brings back trouble and upsetting thoughts. This is a play dedicated to the glory of aberrant mutations and failures. “Pisum Sativum”, a cave chant in a hairy age.

Jana Návratová: This performance is strange, It is inspired by visual and graphic art and offers highly strange aesthetic perceptions. It shows bodies in a way you have never seen, in shades and colours that are very mystical.” (Mozaika17.10 2012, radio Vltava)

Kateřina Vlčková: “Karine Ponties certificates and destroys our myths about human anatomy and movement. (…) It is not by chance that the beginning of the performance seems very plastic. She invited graphic artists during the rehearsals who not only drew pictures, but also inspired creators. Their works were displayed in the theatre. (…) The choreography shows a rich imagination and a sense of humor of the choreographer in every scene, as well as dancing and acting skills of the students of JAMU. And how did it end with the returning member of the troop? Go and check yourself, you will see a dancing performance that, I have the audacity to say, you have not seen yet. A “hairy” Sun will shine from above, too. Maybe it is the same one that was shining in the times when we lived in caves, who knows. (Fresh Flesh)

Concept and choreography: Karine Ponties
Performed by: Florent Golfier, Lukáš Karásek, Ema Křížová, Marta Kuczynska,
Pavol Seriš, Markéta Šebestová, Filip Teller, Kristýna Trojanová
Light designer and artistic adviser: Guillaume Fromentin
Music: David Monceau
Supporting artists: Marie Gourdain, Eva Marková, Zuzana Režná, Markéta Stará
Produced by: France Morin, Martin Novotný, Monika Bársonyová
Project Coordination: Pierre Nadaud

7.10 - 12.10 2012 Studio Marta, Brno (CZ)
14.10 2012 Theatre Alfred ve dvoře, Prague (CZ)
25.11, 26.11 2012 Studio Marta, Brno (CZ)
9.4 2013 Theatre Alfred ve dvoře, Prague (CZ)
12.4 2013 Česká taneční Platforma, Prague (CZ)
16.4 2013 Encounter Festival - Hadivadlo, Brno (CZ)
8.5 2013 Thetre Disk, festival ZLOMVAZ 2013, Prague (CZ)
10.6 2013 Divadelní Svět, Divadlo na Orlí - Brno, (CZ)
16.6 2013 Divadlo 29, festival TANEC PRAHA v regionech, Pardubice (CZ)
19.6 2013 Thetre DIOD, festival TANEC PRAHA v regionech, Jihlava (CZ)

3 wrz 2012

2012 - LOOKING FOR HEROS, Gala show

Short story about how juggling have saved the world.
  Gala show of 35 EJC and Carnival Sztuk-mistrzów 
in Lublin - Poland, 03.08 2012, by Arta.Ku

circus / theater / music / video


At the time when the Milky Way was still uninhabited, the Space Council had reserved Earth for construction of an inter-planetary highway. Because of the time loop, the representatives of the Council could not get to Earth for many thousand years.

Finally the Council managed to handle the time loop. Returning to the Milky Way, they concluded that the civilization on Earth had developed. War, ecological disasters, crisis tear the earth. People are harassed by a sense of the end of the world. Meeting with aliens and the discovery of life in Cosmos, simultaneously raises hopes and fear amongst humans.

For the first time the representatives of Earth will participate in the Intergalactic Space Summit.



The gala show was the result of the work of artists of many fields of arts. In addition to circus performances: juggling, acrobatics and clowning - representing modern circus, public observed a story about how circus arts have saved the world from destruction. The show has been led by actors present on two plans: on stage and on video. Their actions kept the show together in a coherent presentation, replacing traditional host. Performance has been accompanied by electronic music, drummers band and an original scenery. Show has been planned and directed by Marta Kuczyńska in cooperation with a team of artists:

Direction, production, scenario: Marta Kuczyńska, Arta.Ku - production
Stage hands, actors, authors: Jacek Timingerju, Kasia Kapela, Patrycja Białoszeska, Grzesiek Podbiegłowski
Music: Wadada & Friends, Marian Mariański
Lights: Robert Janiak, Tomasz Sierotko
Video: Siostry Bui, Agnieszka Piesiewicz
VJ: Agnieszka Piesiewicz
Sound: Kamil Sirak

Koblikoff : Sergii Koblykov & Vasyl Gashuk, Ukraine
Antoine & Aurore „lamento della nimfa", France
Marianna de Sanctis, Italy
Tony Pezzo, USA
Cie Defracto: Martinet Guillaume, France
Cie tête d'enfant: Nael Jamal, FranceRawart: Katya Nikiforova [I.S.J.], Ukraine
Emil Dahl „GEO" Sweenen
Compagnie Sacekripa „duo nu" Cosquer Morgan & Manceau Etienne, France
Tanja & Frida: Tanja Stolting & Friederike Krahl, "Neptuna" , Germany
Trio Cadero „Trio Rosselli Caspani Demontis" : Frizzo, Francesco, Dodo, ItalyRawart: Alexandra Savina [Ring-o-graphy], Ukraine  

1 mar 2012

2012 CLOWNS CRUMBS - performance

Four pieces of Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo,

played as “entrées clownesques” in 7 languages.

clown / theater / improvisation / 75min

The 'Clowns Crumbs' show is built around a tradition of traveling comedians from the medieval times, who moved from town to town, bringing news, but also performing theatrical pieces which were sometimes subversive in their content.

Light, funny approach to the subject of spirituality and religion is one layer of presentation, resulting from the text and spoken by actors - clowns.

Actors interpret the four pieces of 'Mistero Buffo': 1.The birth of wondering comedian, 2. Resurrection of Lazarus, 3.The Blind and the Lame, 4. Boniface VIII. Clowns are working with the spontaneous emotions: here and now, relating to contemporary life and current events.

With the desire to create a direct communication, comedians speak universal language of the Global Babel – Land, where God has mixed all the languages. Czech, English, French, German, Polish... is spoken and translated, or suggested by the audience. Public is not only consuming show. Actors - clowns turn directly to the audience, in dialogue and invite them on the stage.

Directed and performed by: Filip Teller, Kristýna Trojanová, Lukáš Karásek, Marta Kuczyńska, Pavol Seriš, Capocomico: Pierre Nadaud, Lights: Zuzana Řezná

2.9 2013 Kremnicke gagy festival - Kremnica (SK)
22.8 2013 Young actors week festival - Salzburg, (AU)
5.2 and 6.2 2013, Theatre Alfred ve dvoře, Prague (CZ)
1.2 2013 Club Lúč, Trenčín (SK)
14.12 2012 Kabinet muz, Brno (CZ)
7.6 2012 Roma Teatro Festival (IT)
20.5 2012 DIFA JAMU, Brno (CZ)
23.1 2012 DIFA JAMU, Brno (CZ)
5.1 2012 DIFA JAMU, Brno (CZ)

7 sty 2012

2012 "Pitagoras Pro"

Pitagoras pro - modern art project by M.K
How to get juggling to National Gallery
film / art project / juggling / painting

Brno, CZ: Jamu - Kabinet Muz, 2011

Pythagoreans explained the universe true numbers. From numbers emerge - points, from points -lines, from lines - solids, from solids emerge bodies understandable by senses, which elements are fire, water, earth and air. These elements exchange and pass on each other, producing alive world - wise and spherical.
     Developing the idea of Pythagoras, Aristotle believes that the movement of bodies in universe is circular. The sphere is the most perfect body and circle is the most perfect curve. He saw the most perfect movement as motion in a circle.

idea, acting, cutting film – Marta Kuczyńska
ideas, scenographic help – Lucje Vyhnalkova
cameras: Betka Medlova, Lukas Karasek
support: Pierre Nadaud, Peter Francan, Pitagoras

22 gru 2011

2011 "Gala -XY" - gala show

Gala Show during Carnival of Magicians
scenario, direction, production - M. Kuczyńska
new circus / video / music 
Karnavał Sztukmistrzów Lublin 29.07 2011

Piece of video from Gala XY - Trip to the moon


Experiments with presentation of circus gala show: Basing on structure of a circus variete, I was trying to present gala it in a different way.  
   I do not work with traditional host, that introduces artist on stage, but instead I use video, life and electronic music, light and stenography. 
   Each of those experimental galas organized by my team has a topic. “Gala XY” was about universe. Artists were invited according to the topic and introduced as a episode in cosmic story (cosmic travel, laboratory experiments, trip to the moon, planets and life there, black holes, gravitation...) 
   I wanted to show black circus, witch is not necessary funny but dark and scary like universe. Experienced by failures and glories of this experiment I will keep trying next year to bring new to new circus arts and learn how to communicate ideas thru circus.

Music: The Kurvs – Wrocław, PL, Marian Mariański – Wrocław, PL 
Video - Agnieszka Piesiewicz - Wrocław, PL
Lights - Robert Janiak
Costumes - Patrycja Białoszeska - Wrocław, PL
Stage help: Jacek Timingerju, Kasia Timingerju, Tomek Sosulski, Grzegorz Sznajder
Artists: Denis Paumier FR, Transparences et Tournemains - juggling
Martin Schwitzke FR, juggling
Linda Sander DE, trapeze 
Get the shoe DE, partner juggling
Francois Chat FR, Gravitation - manipulation 
Bigbugs, PL, group tissue
Kejos The-at-er PL, production

15 sty 2011

2010 New Circus Gala - 1

Gala Show during Carnival of Magicians
scenario, direction, production - M. Kuczyńska
new circus / video / music 
Karnawał Sztukmistrzów, Lublin 20.08 2010

Extract of gala show

photos: Jacek Scherer

The frame of a show was based on tradition of carnival and position of the fool in its history.
   Carnival : time where the world becomes mad, where all the social relations are twisted and all is possible.
   The fool : main figure in carnival balances in-between oppositions: good and evil...
Therefore there was 3 screens ( black / all colours / white ) Fool brings the oppositions, plased on left and right screen in one.
  Invited artist were all symbolizing themes from history of the carnival (coronation of the donkey as beginning of the carnival, twisted relations, jurodiwy – holly fool, kings fool … )
  Video projections placed on different screens were introducing the theme and numbers.

Intrika - cristal balls
JDF - juggling and butho dance
Jann Frish - juggling and magic
Paramo cero - aerial acrobatick
Frida - ball juggling
Morgan - ball juggling
Mr. Toons - clown
M. Kuczyńska - scenario, direction
G. Podbiegłowski - lights
Agnieszka Piesiewicz - video
Poolover - musick
K. Burzyńska - sound

2010 New circus Gala - 2

Gala show during Carnival of Magicians
Production, direction - M.Kuczyńska

 new circus / video / gala show  
Karnawał Sztukmistrzów, Lublin 21.08 2010

photos: Jacek Scherer
Linn Broden, SW, rope
Luke Burrage, UK, beat box, juggling
Pol & Freddy - BE “Ready!”, partner jugling
Marion Renard - FR / GR „0m”, bottle manipulation
Audrey Decayon – FR “Sitting to see”
Emilia Tau & Leo Cristiani - IT „Excess”, foot juggling
Alessandro Maida – IT, “Dieu me doit des explications”, juggling and ball acrobacy
Marta Kuczyńska - PL, scenariusz i koordynacja
Katarzyna Burzyńska - PL, video
Leszek Parulewicz - PL, electronic music
Grzegorz Podbiegłowski - PL, światła

28 paź 2010

2010 "Kalejdoskop"

physical theatre / multimedia / new circus
FAAAC (FR) & Kejos Te-at-er (PL) Production

Extract of the show

Show is inspired by a book of Ryszard Kapuściński “Rapidity of history, records of XX and XXI age (Rwący nurt historii – zapiski z XX i XXI wieku)

     Show combines different ideas, characters, feelings in its structures. Actions reflected in broken mirrors create a new quality - Kaleidoscope (gr. beautiful picture). Show presents the multiplicity and diversity of existing at the same time worlds and realities. Comic elements are interweaving with sentimental. Feelings of joy mixes with worry.

      It is collage of new circus, movement, live music, electronic music and video. It is an expression of a completely new approach to the circus. Circus performances delight not only skills and efficiency but also are a way of commenting on the reality.

Cast :

Valentina Santori ( IT ) Juggling

Johan Swartwagner ( FR) Juggling

Sabrina Catalan ( SP ) Aerial acrobatics

Marta Kuczyńska ( PL ) manipulation and dance, directing

Alicja Żmigrodzka ( PL ) keyboard, clarinet, singing
Grzegorz Podbiegłowski (PL) Light design
Laurent Futezze ( FR ) guitar, Sound manager
Agnieszka Piesiewicz ( PL ) video, multimedia
Marian Recombinacja ( PL ) electronic music
27.6.10 - Art Akcja – street theatre festival Wadowice
19.6.10 - Festival of the Fortress - SPA, Srebrna Góra
5.6.10 - XI Festival of youth circuses, Brodnica ( festiwal )

8 wrz 2009

2009 “ Alice in ... “

Circus and theatre performance ( 60 min )
Group of 9 international artists
Idea, directing, acting: Marta Kuczyńska

Extract of the show -  Festiwal Teatrów Europy Wschodniej SĄSIEDZI. Lublin

The performance draws inspirations forms the adventures of Alice in wonderland. 
  Alice's journey is however gloomy and mysterious. She encounters individual characters from her dream: beginning with the juggler-cat, going to the singing queen, the rabbit and the hatter. 
  Nevertheless, the performance is not a portrayal of the well-known plot, but rather a creation of a specific vibe, incredibility and gloomy and peculiar occurrences. 
  Each circus etude is preceded by life visualisation ( Agnieszka Piesiewicz ) and electronic music accompanied  by fragments of 'Alice in wonderland', created for the needs of the spectacle.

Cast :

Valentina Santori ( IT ) Juggling

Johan Swartwagner ( FR) Juggling

Sabrina Catalan ( SP ) Aerial acrobatics

Marta Kuczyńska ( PL ) Stuff manipulation
– Katarzyna Doner ( PL ) Tissue

Grzegorz Podbiegłowski (PL) Light design
Laurent Futezze ( FR ) Guitar, Sound manager
Agnieszka Piesiewicz ( PL ) Video, multimedia
Barbara Królikiewicz ( PL ) Rabit
Karol ( PL ) Hut maker
04.06. 2009 Prah - Letni Letna, Thetre and Circus Festival
06.06 2009 Supraśl - Spotkania z naturą i sztuką
14.06 2009 Wrocław – Podwodny Wrocław Festival
19.06 2009 Lublin – Festiwal Sąsiedzi ( Festival of Eastern European Theater - Neighbors )
30.07 2009 Lublin – Festival Sztukmistrzów